After heart problems, it is normal to feel down, stressed or even a little guilty for a while. But it’s also a chance to make a fresh start…get rid of bad habits and start making good ones. It can be the reason to get off the couch and exercise more regularly, the inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, or just the motivation to enjoy life and the people around you.

All you need is the right motivation…

Happy man and woman walking near the bay

Let Mother Nature help

Would you feel happier if you were walking outside among the trees right now? Connecting with nature can be great for your mind and body.

Whether it’s simply gardening, walking in the park or strolling on the beach, connecting with nature is linked to feeling happy. People who make regular, long visits to green spaces report lower rates of depression and high blood pressure, and may feel more connected to other people – along with the added benefit of a bit of exercise.

All too often these days we live our lives indoors and miss out on nature’s benefits – but sometimes the best things are free and just around the corner!


Exercise – Take it step by step

Enjoying regular exercise is great for improving heart health, but did you know it can also have other benefits?

Such as…

  • increases energy levels
  • helps manage your weight
  • helps you have stronger bones
  • encourages a deeper, more refreshing sleep – so long as you don’t exercise right before bed
  • lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels
  • makes you feel more confident, relaxed and happy

Now you know how important exercise is…what more motivation do you need to get moving? But make sure you take it step by step, start slow and build-up gradually. Remember to talk with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.


Chasing that elusive sleep?

Everyone has an occasional restless night, but if you feel you are not getting enough sleep you don’t have to put up with it – making simple changes to your lifestyle can help you catch-up on those elusive forty winks.

Get motivated and try putting some simple sleep tips into practice:

Stick to a regular sleep routine

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends
  • If you’re not asleep within 15 minutes – go do something relaxing until you are sleepy
  • Avoid trying too hard to get to sleep and give yourself ‘wind down’ time at night
  • Get comfortable – not too much light or noise either
  • Avoid long daytime naps


Regular exercise not only helps keep you fit and healthy, but can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.


Think about what and when you eat and drink

  • Don’t try to sleep when you are hungry or have had too much to eat
  • Alcohol may make you feel drowsy but it can make your sleep more disturbed
  • Avoid caffeine before going to bed as it is a stimulant


Make getting a good night’s sleep a priority – rather than a luxury – it’s more important to your health than many people think.


What are you waiting for?

The right motivation can help to get you started and keep you going – but what motivates one person may not motivate another. The trick is to figure out what you need to do and find the best way to motivate yourself to do it…… all you need is the right motivation.